More About Me

Hi There!

Thanks for checking me out:)  As my client you will enjoy excellent service, and as your fiduciary your welfare will be my top priority.  To every transaction I will bring my personal best, professional integrity, skillful negotiation, and ability to be creative and think outside of the box.  

Other Benefits
There are a lot of moving parts when buying or selling a home. You really need a team of professionals helping you and looking out for your best interest.  As we talk about your goals and needs I can help connect you the people you need on your team from a local loan expert to a local land use consultant.  If you are buying or selling in Santa Cruz County you really need to use a local agent.

A smidge about me-

I love the beauty of Santa Cruz County, our unique culture/vibe, and our community.  I'm a part of the Pleasure Point neighborhood that I live in. I have practiced yoga for the last 10 years, and am a member of Pleasure Point Yoga studio.